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One thread running though this ten year period of work has been the progressive reduction of subject matter. To use photography as an analogy, this narrowing of focus could be described as a camera slowly moving from a distance towards the subject until the subject is magnified to the point of abstraction.

The first pictures (1985-89) are groups of figures depicting a scene. The next paintings (1988-89) are like close-ups of the objects from that scene. By removing the background and working in black and white, the object becomes the focus in the drawings from 1990-93. The work from 1992-93 continued with a magnified focus, this time in color. Looking inside the subject, I began searching for moment of abstraction found in the distortion of a reflection or within its translucency.

Through intense observation of my subject matter, the paintings from 1995-96 evolved from moments of abstraction to pure abstraction.

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